Myths About The Nursing Profession

Myths About The Nursing Profession“I know you've heard it a thousand times before. But it's true - hard work pays off. If you want to be good, you have to practice, practice, practice. If you don't love something, then don't do it.” 

Ray Bradbury (born 1920);Author

As a nurse, I am bothered  with the different rumors about the nursing profession. Parents and students are mislead to the following myths. They enroll themselves to nursing from a wrong idea.

 From the myths that I'll be mentioning below, you might be NOT be surprised at all. Probably, a lot of you would agree with. These myths are more applicable for Filipino nurses.

1. It is a guarantee that after passing the NLE, I'll immediately have a nursing career due to nursing shortages.  Passing the board exam does not necessarily mean that you are what the employer is looking for. Expertise/ knowledge about the nursing job is important. Interviews would always ask for experiences that would prove that you are ready to apply for the job. However, showing willingness to learn and respect for your superiors will always show humility and dedication which works for some employers. It is always best to continue education by attending masterals or even joining significant and updated seminars related to nursing skills.

2. Nursing career will make you rich. It is not the career which will make you rich but your attitude towards success. Some nursing jobs abroad offers high paying nursing positions but this means you have to have significant years experiences and knowledge towards the jobs. Not all nurses who work abroad are high-payed. Newly graduate nurses who have no paid experiences (even how long your volunteer experience will not be considered) have lesser salary compared to nurses with paid experiences. Remember that there is always a beginning for everything.

3. You must be a volunteer to become nurse. In the Philippines set-up, most newly graduate nurses are into volunteering works in government hospitals. But, not all of the hospitals who accept volunteers would make you a regular staff nurse. However, I am not saying that volunteering work is not encouraged. Some volunteers use this opportunity to learn the skills in a hospital set-up working with real patients and equipments.

4.  Nurse shortages guarantee more nursing job offers. Philippines have large numbers of Filipino nurses and increasing every year. It is true that a lot of the hospitals have low number of nurses but it does not necessarily mean that they are offering/ accepting nurse applicants. This is the reason why some nurses go abroad to continue their nursing career. While, some nurses practice a different job not related to nursing such as call center agents, medical representatives, and ESL teachers,etc.,

5. A nurse always practices in a hospital setting. The hospital is just one of the areas where a nurse can practice her profession. Nursing can be as exciting and flexible for you can work as a nurse in different places. Nurses can work as an Company Nurse/ Occupational Nurse, Clinic Nurse, Travel Nurse, Nurse Corp, and many more.

Nurses, let not these myths hinder you from reaching your dreams. Nursing Profession has a lot to offer. It is true that this is not an easy job. This job needs dedication just like other profession. Nursing needs nurses who truly care and who aims for the good of her patients.

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